About Dr. Maria Montessori
Maria Montessori was born in Ancona, Italy in 1870. In 1895 she became the first woman in Italy to obtain the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

Dr. Maria MontessoriIn 1907, Dr. Montessori opened her first “Children’s House” in the slums of Rome. Word of the great success of her method spread throughout Europe, and soon there were schools using her method with classroom guides trained by Dr. Montessori herself throughout the continent. Montessori education was introduced to the United States in 1912 by Alexander Graham Bell in his own home. America invited Dr. Montessori to establish classrooms for the World Exhibition in San Francisco.

While Montessori was interned in India during the Second World War, she worked with older children, aged 7 to 12. It was through her careful observation of the style in which the older children learn (the reasoning mind), compared to the observations she had been making for over thirty years of the younger child’s learning style (the absorbent mind), that inspired her to write her quintessential work, The Absorbent Mind. Maria Montessori died in the Netherlands in 1952. Her legacy of meeting the needs of children continues here at the Blue Ridge Montessori School in Lynchburg, Virginia.