Kindergarten Community – (Children turning 5 by December 31)

The Blue Ridge Montessori School Kindergarten Program is specially designed to help each child complete their Montessori Primary education while preparing them to transition into the Montessori Elementary Environment. It is expected that students remain at BRMS through the kindergarten year.

The child who was once a small preschooler is now the Kindergartener and is prepared to move forward in the learning process. This child has mastered the art of self-discipline and enjoys the freedom within the structured environment that the Primary class affords. Although the Kindergarteners remain in the familiarity of the primary classroom, the structure of the approach for the kindergartener gradually changes as the year progresses. Our focus of self-motivation and self directed work progresses to more assigned tasks and goal-oriented tasks. During Kindergarten, the children work with advanced math and language materials, and are involved with group activities in science, art, cooking, and a variety of other areas. We also broaden our knowledge through fieldtrips. Parent involvement in these activities is encouraged.

The Kindergarten year is vital to complete the child’s preparation for traditional educational settings. The Kindergartener is the leader and mentor of the class, and provides a necessary function within the classroom. Each day, the Kindergarteners will have the opportunity to explore the work that may not be appropriate for the younger students, thus fostering strong social, emotional, and cognitive growth. The Kindergarten year prepares the child for first grade, and establishes a strong foundation for future learning.

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Schedule and Tuition

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