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Once enrollment is complete the first good-bye can be painful for both child and parent. Often this step is the child’s first major separation from the secure and familiar world of home and family. It marks entrance into a new world of friendships, learning and adventure. Parting is easier for some than for others.

Over all our years we have discovered that in most cases lingering at the classroom door does not facilitate a painless departure, but merely prolongs it and can make other children who have settled into class become nervous and uncomfortable. Children easily read the tender hearts of reluctant parents. Your loving, confident, matter-of- fact approach will help your child take this big step positively. Once you have decided it is time to leave, walk your child to the classroom door, and allow them to enter the room on their own. If they are reluctant to do so, catch a BRMS staff eye, signaling them over to your child. Once the staff is with your child you should say good-bye and leave. You are always welcome to go back to the benches or the school office (please don’t tell your child you will be doing so) to wait and see how they are settling in.

If your schedule doesn’t permit that, please call so we can let you know how things are going. After your child’s first few days of school it is time to transition your child to car-side. Remember parting will be easier if you use a loving, confident, matter-of- fact approach.


First Day of School Needs List

1. 2 Changes of weather appropriate clothing

  • 2 Pair of pants/shorts
  • 2 Shirt
  • 2 Socks
  • 2 Pairs underwear
  • Shoes

2. 1 pair of indoor shoes and a pair of rain boots
3. Lunch with a cold pack

4. All required enrollment forms (Due one week prior to the first day)

  • Enrollment Contract
  • Registration Form (must contain 2 LOCAL emergency contacts with complete addresses and phone numbers)
  • Enrollment Application
  • Physical Exam and Immunization Form (VA School Entrance Form)
  • Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Parent Commitment Form

5. A book-bag that is appropriately sized for your child

6. For Nido and Pre-Primary

  • A week’s worth of diapers
  • A week’s worth of wipes
  • Diaper cream
  • Diaper cream consent form