Blue Ridge Montessori School Admissions

Blue Ridge Montessori (BRMS) offers a multi-year curriculum that takes the child from 6 weeks of age through 6th grade.  We accept families who are interested in a long-term relationship with our school. Children enrolled are encouraged to remain with our program for the full length of curriculum (i.e. through 6th grade). This builds continuity within our classroom communities and enables the children to build lasting relationships with their peers.

BRMS has an open enrollment policy. Priority is given first to siblings of currently enrolled students and the waiting list. The re-enrollment period for returning students is January – February. The open enrollment period for new students begins in March and ends in July.

Qualified students are accepted for enrollment in the order that the applications are received. Parents must complete and return the application packet with the enrollment contract and the registration fee. The annual registration fee is paid with your application, along with any additional fees that apply to your application. It is a condition of the application and is non-refundable.

When the Admissions Director receives your application packet, including the enrollment contract and the annual registration fee, she will contact you to arrange a student visit/evaluation, followed by parent interview, and orientation. It is important both custodial parents attend the interview when possible.

Acceptance into Blue Ridge Montessori School is based upon information provided on the application, the evaluation, and interview, without regard to race, color, creed or religion. Placement for your child is determined through collaboration with parents, teachers, Admissions Director, and Head of School. Enrollment is based upon a need for balance of age, gender, and the diverse needs of the children in each classroom community.

Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee will be charged to new students at the time of their application for enrollment. An annual non-refundable registration fee will be charged to secure your child’s placement in the next school year. Students are not guaranteed space unless this registration fee is paid by the requested date. Please refer to our current Enrollment Contract for tuition information.

Annual Activity and Supply Fee (Kindergarten and Elementary only)

An annual non-refundable activity and supply fee is charged for each child enrolled at BRMS. The fee is essential to our annual operating budget. The supply fee represents a small percentage of the expense for classroom consumables, field trip expenses, and extra-curricular activities. Please refer to our current Enrollment Contract for tuition information. This fee is due with the application.