Our Curriculum

Motivated by their natural curiosity, children spend most of each school day moving freely from one activity to another. They choose tasks, which are often self-correcting and increasingly difficult. Our teachers are guides who understand and care for the child’s needs, introducing the right tools at the right time. But, the child must be given the freedom to move about, to question, to repeat, and work at their own pace choosing their own activities within the carefully prepared environment that the teacher has constructed. Our teachers allow children to complete tasks without interruption. Each successfully completed step in the academic process reinforces a positive attitude towards learning, encouraging inner motivation and promoting self-confidence. Therefore, a child establishes a habit of learning.
The age span within the classes provides a family-like setting. More experienced children share their knowledge while reinforcing their own learning. This peer group learning generates conversation and provides more language experience than a conventional preschool setting.


Photos of students enjoying various activities at our school.
  • After attending another school, Blue Ridge Montessori School has reignited my son's spark for love of learning. We are so thankful for the staff at BRMS!
    Adamczak Family
  • BRMS has been a great foundation for my children. They have learned how to interact with others and to work independently which has helped them build confidence in themselves. We love the caring staff and are excited for our 3rd child to start soon.
    Heagy Family
  • The BRMS Nido Program: staff makes a concerted effort to nurture the baby as well as encourage baby's development. They also meet the mother and father where they are in their parenting journey, rather than setting a standard all parents must meet. It is a very sincere childcare effort and it is heart-warming. Regarding the Primary Program, we love the independence children are given to choose their activities as opposed to directed classroom learning.
    Reed Family

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